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CHEVROLET CAPTIVAThe street warrior


Despite its SUV pedigree, the Captiva is ideal for the urban commute. Its trim exterior proportions ensure class-leading maneuverability in everyday driving conditions. The Captiva features a four-link independent rear suspension system and MacPherson struts up front that deliver car-like ride and handling even on imperfect road surfaces. A unique feature of the Captiva is a soft ride suspension system, which automatically maintains minimal ride height under differing load conditions – a feature that offers assured road clearance as well as optimal ride quality for passengers.

The Chevrolet Captiva boasts curtain airbag – Keeping you reassured on the road is also a priority. Good to know, then, that a Traction Control System is keeping you planted, that Electronic Stability Control is eliminating over and under-steer, and that a Brake Assist System is ready and waiting to reduce braking distances in the event of an emergency. All these safety features come as standard. Another smart safety first for the Chevrolet Captiva SUV is Hill Start Assist which helps to prevent "roll-back" on hill starts. Driving down-hill is easier, too, thanks to our Descent Control System. It's a technology that automatically slows the vehicle on steep gradients, which means you don't have to keep such a heavy foot on the brake pedal.

  • Turbo Diesel Engine
  • Cruise Control
  • Auto Rain Sensor
  • Auto Head lamps
  • Reverse Parking Sensor with camera
  • Front Dual SRS Air bags
  • Anti-lock Brake System
  • Radio/MP3/CD/DVD/USB Player

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Deluxe Interior

The Captiva's all-leather seating and matching cabin exude total luxury, while an integrated CD/MP3 player with six speakers provides an extremely pleasurable listening experience. The Captiva's new upgraded interior features an array of new finishes and textures look such as JET BLACK Interior color, door panel charcoal color, chrome outside door handle, leather wrapped steering wheel, lumbar support for driver that elevate the model to an even further level.

Among the Chevrolet Captiva's impressive interior features are: an electric parking brake switch, steering wheel mounted cruise control and audio buttons, three power outlet locations, a driver information center, auto electronic air conditioner controls and provisions for a mobile telephone with Bluetooth. Other convenience features include front cup holders, document/notes holders, and a rear cargo floor box.

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Powerful Performance

Under the Chevrolet Captiva's handsome new hood is an improved turbocharged with intercooler diesel engine. The 2.2L diesel Captiva can produce 184hp @ 3,800rpm and torque rating of 400Nm @ 2000rpm. Chevrolet Captiva is equipped with advanced technologies aimed at delivering optimal performance and fuel economy.

A six speed automatic transmission with Active Select – Drive Shift Control at gear box.

Whichever route you go, know that the standard Chevrolet Captiva SUV chassis has been to honed for enhanced vehicle dynamics, improved cornering, and impressive roll characteristics, for an enjoyable drive every trip.